Deep within every person is a LEADER waiting to be discovered…

Businesses are on the constant search for self-motivated individuals, driven by passion. These are the people who will not only bring in new ideas and strategies, but raise the bar for those around, giving them the nudge they need.

Training focuses on educating, guiding, moulding & defining individuals, giving them the little magic that was missing, helping them unleash hidden talents and discover new possibilities, be it skills that people need to present themselves to another or one that will boost their efficiency, aiding their growth in an organisation. Either ways, training aims at this transformation and equipping people with the skills.

BHOOM! BHOOM! That is the mantra of SALKA

SALKA Consultancy Services advocates individual & corporate Excellence and Development through training methodologies that have been proven effective and successful.

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand ~ Confucius”

Out-bound training

Training through Experiential learning is a journey into the unknown to discover oneself.


Success depends on how efficiently an individual manages time. As Peter Drucker has said, "until we manage time, we can manage nothing else". How does one prioritise? Does one Spend Time or Invest Time?

Out-bound training

Going beyond the skills, every individual needs to have inner strengths to help them cope and overcome.

IN-HOUSE training

What’s the point of a training program if you don’t track the transformation? What purpose does it solve to have a course over 5 days if you don't follow and review?

Out-bound training

The way you sit, the words you use in your email and the handshake during an interview

IN-HOUSE training

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